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Highly recommended. If your condition is serious, you have the option of requesting for a Doctor through our app at the push of a button via the Doctor House Call feature or consult a Doctor via video through our Video Consultation feature. Your Doctors Online is an online application that connects patients with experienced and board-certified doctors. Easily Available Abi offers instant access to your customers both on and offline—via SMS, or website, or through offline posters and flyers. Can I my medical that are issued by third party providers?

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In order to fund our services, our online doctor chat is free for the first 3 days. Please note that whilst we will make a concerted effort to provide you with the medical possible healthcare advice, our Live Chat is not a substitute for a visit with your healthcare chatroom. From there, you can then choose to be redirected to our Live Chat feature, where you can consult one of our experienced Doctors to talk you through your.

Our free app allows you to chat in real-time and send photos or videos with a professional and experienced doctor. Shaun Wellington - NSW. Our service is available in more than a dozen languages to over 3 million users. Your Doctors Online is earmarked to compliment your existing medical services and help deter unnecessary visits to the doctor and hospital.

Thank you so much - very helpful. Abi is committed to providing easy access to trustworthy medical answers to people in need by partnering with governmental institutions and NGOs worldwide. You will then connect with a doctor through an in-app real-time online chat.

All you need to do is HealthfulChat 's network, type in a nickname and begin chatting. No New App to Download Our innovative interface is integrated with the chat apps your customers already use to create chatroom seamless user experience. Chat with a doctor at your convenience, the power is yours Using Instant Consult you can chat with a doctor and get the medical service you need when it suits you. What is and how do I benefit by using the Live Chat? Our users are also able to skip the queue to access our doctors sooner and get medication reminders to never miss a dose.

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We are offering you health related Chat Roomshealth related Forums and a health related Social Network ; all in the name of this online peer support society. Felt anxiety and worry about my body, but got fast and good answers from knowledgeable doctors. No New App to Download. This is amazing … Get answers to your questions fast … Doctors know your problems and provide answers … Highly recommend.

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Why Companies Love Abi. Having an online doctor who can provide scripts quickly is what I needed. Impress Your Customers.

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Some people prefer the slower pace of the Health Forums to the more quickly chatroom Chat Roomswhich is why HealthfulChat is pleased to present forums accompanying each ailment or condition listed. Our service is deed to provide convenient access to medical information and bring peace of mind to our patients. Please select which means of communication suits you best:. Simply answer a few questions about yourself and your medical chatroom.

Our free application allows our patients to connect with a board-certified doctor within minutes from the comforts of home. Great service and very knowledgeable team. Living in a rural community makes it difficult to access medical professionals- medical in urgent situations. A blog is an online diary where you can share your feelings while still remaining anonymous. It takes less than a minute to get started. Great tool, easy to use. All chat participants must endeavor to disseminate only information that is true and accurate and provide valid sources for any medical or health information.

Thank you. Each individual illness or condition is separated into a community of its own so that you can connect with a worldwide population of peers to meet, greet, share and support. All of our doctors are well educated and screened to ensure they are able to discuss topics in the general physician field. Consultations are timed from the moment the chat begins and the medical charge is dependent on how long your chat lasts.

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Request a Consult. When necessary, our doctors will direct our patients to their primary physician or emergency room when the issue presented warrants it. We do, of course, offer consultations for minors but they can only be carried out with the permission of a parent or guardian who must also be present throughout the consultation. Why Abi? If you require any special kind of diagnostic imaging such as a CAT scan or an MRI you can get a request from one of our online GPs which you can then take to your preferred provider.

Welcome to HealthfulChat.

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Really appreciate the service and recommend this app. For the first 3 days, our service is FREE. It may also be difficult to travel to the surgery at the time specified due to transport or health problems. Abi is a pioneering medical micro-consultation service that connects users with real doctors in a secure and compliant way inside your website, your app and the most popular chat apps WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, even SMS.

How does Doctor2U decide on which doctor shall answer my query? Our application allows our users to chat, send pictures and videos with medical doctors to get medical advice at the touch of a button. Speak to a Doctor now. Can Your Doctors Online replace my existing doctor? Please note, children need their own Instant Consult — we cannot undertake a consultation for through an adult. Instant Consult is a FREE phone application that allows you to instantly connect and chat with a doctor via video call.

Excellent service - easy to use chatroom made be feel comfortable. Matthew Elizabeth North - SA. Secure and Compliant Access to Trusted Doctors. Great service, very satisfied with the consult.

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Should a complex health issue arise which cannot be solved over the Live Chat, we recommend that you consult a Doctor via our Video Consultation or Doctor House Call features. Enter a Health Chat Room to connect medical with others. It costs less than you may think to chat with an online doctor.

Professional, medical and good advice. Easily Available. Please note that any chat participant who is not identified in this way should not be considered as a medical professional. Our unique approach is based on three key pillars. Our prices are extremely competitive and are lower than those usually charged by private practices. The Doctor who is immediately available on our platform will attend to and chatroom your query.

Tweets by CYWH. Travel Insurance Thanks to a service that is integrated into chat apps people already use while traveling, Abi makes medical consultations from abroad fast and easy. What is Your Doctors Online and how does it work? We use innovative chatroom intelligence and machine learning algorithms to improve the efficiency of real doctors. However, should there be a technical or server problem, please do not hesitate to contact our Doctor2U support team who will be ready to assist you with any of your concerns.

Once you have downloaded our free app, you simply click on the app to be connected with an online doctor and try out our free chat. No matter how careful we are, everyone gets sick or injured at some point and there comes a time when you have no other recourse but to seek out a medical professional. The health professionals who moderate the chats will not be able to give you specific medical advice, but will be able to provide you with general information and resources.

We aim to connect you with a healthcare provider as soon as possible on our Live Chat feature. Abi offers instant access to your customers both on and offline—via SMS, or website, or through offline posters and flyers. Our Partners. The health related Social Network can also be used to write a personal blog. Our doctors are also passionate about providing healthcare to those who are unable to access a doctor for either economic or other limitations.

Your Doctors Online provides access to quality healthcare services through our mobile app. Bereavement and Grief Chat Room. Our Feedback div. today to see how easy it can be to access quality healthcare expertise from the comforts of chatroom.

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Companies from all sectors are using Abi to differentiate their products, engage with customers and improve efficiency. We have a multidisciplinary team consisting of Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritionist who can provide you with individualized advice on various health issues which now includes your radiological imaging and haematological investigations as well as the best course s of action in respect of your concerns. I have just viewed my medical on the "Online " feature. It is also open hours a day and is filled with people who wish to be there for each other to offer support and guidance through good times and bad.

Abi Supports Your Strategic Priorities. In case of conflicting opinion, please discuss the issue with you personal doctor and decide accordingly. We realised that people are looking for ways to engage with services in more efficient ways, and Instant Consult is the quickest way to chat with a doctor in Australia from wherever you are. Health Support Social Network. Subscribing to our service is easy. Thanks to its smooth and fast integration, Abi can chatroom easily medical to your customers, employees and other relevant stakeholders in a matter of days.

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