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For a mind blowing, hoterotic Time don't deny yourself the Pleasure of my sexy voice that Will have you rock hard in seconds Message now. Your lawyer is correct: Wait for them to start actually living up to their illegal threats--which they won't do. Hi lawyer. Needless to say, I told them where to get off before that too. I am sure you are able to trace a copy of this online as easy as you are able to trace down details of people and text them. Ignore them.

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That's just one more among the dozens of mistakes these greedy bully morons make. A question gentlemen please, should I be concerned with this scram and if so the website advises that the company follows guardlines from 18 u. Oh Joy, What a complete fool you make yourself out to be.

So also lay a charge with the South African Revenue service for tax fraud. I got the same call today. If both are unknown, you may leave this field empty. They did they same to me and called my wife After nearly two years, I'm still waiting for them to try and take me to court, after I told them repeatedly that they should go stuff themselves. I just want to know if the making the payment will affect me in the future??

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What do you suggest? I gave them a piece of my mind and told them how what they are doing is illegal and they backed off the same day. So I got a phone call from a company.

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Tell them you also want to see the court order they obtained to have the permission to be in possession of your personal information. Casual Sex Club. Which I can only conclude means that Diamond Rush is watching this website to use it to scare people into thinking you are legit. Any other entries will be kept. I feel scammed.

Hopefully if they do, your wife will be understanding. However, anonymity also has its upside. I am still waiting for the documents.

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Long may it last! Printed paper, electronic, fax, etc. Believe it or not, the first online dating chat service was launched in At first I gave in and said I'll pay but after I cut the call, I thought about it and googled the the y called from, that and that's where i found all of this. All they have is BS tactics. Some of the best chatrooms allow users to make use of webcams, taking the conversation to another level. The only way to decide which are the best chat rooms for you is to do a little homework.

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Please note our Terms of Use! Date a Virgin. I feel I know some of the characters. Remote communication of this sort is a great way to start the dating process, allowing you to size-up other users before you consider taking the plunge and meeting face to face. A person over the age of 12 who commits a crime can be held liable for the offence, they said; they threatened to play the call recording in court and seek judgment against the father for the unpaid debt, and have his salary garnished. I won't answer any more of your questions.

Lol keep away from this guys and plusif u speak to those sex hotlines for like 10 minutes at R1. Help - Are you human?

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Are you horny and you want someone to have fun with through the phone then im your girl Let me satisfy your needs I will make sure you cumm as I will be play They will avoid that at all costs because they are lousy scammers. So I got a call from Adele, like, two days ago. Anyways, So yeah basically fuck this. They have no case against you, you have a right to conceal your identity when calling such places because you have a right to protect yourself and your information.

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Do it once or twice, and I promise you that they will fold like a cheap suit. Polls Have you noticed less scam on the site lately? I am in same boat now as everyone else, guy by the name of Robert is calling and threatening me, he has a huge surprise coming his way though.

I did not pay a cent and they have not called me or sent any summons since. Then I suggest you don't pay. C-Date offers you classy dating geared towards the flirtatious and anyone who may be looking to start off their relationship with a bang. Well unless you really want to be exploited.

FFS, Ryan, read the comments here! Leave a rating and block.

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You're just a criminal with a bad education. The recordings they might say they have are not good enough. Laugh at them. This has also happened to me last week. This phoned me, threatening me that I owe them and I must settle my debts before 12h00 am this Friday. Cybercrime: Law firms under threat 12th August I'm not gona pay and thanx to the guys on here for helping the unfortunate. If no contact is made in 24 hours ITC listing will take place.

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I have no recollection of this. We trace the information of the cell phone used to open the accout at national databases such as ITC so do not get a shock when we provide the client with his correct details!! There is nothing they can do to you without they themselves getting in trouble.

It offered embryonic online chat rooms, each of which could host up to five users.

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The caller Mr. The only thing they will do is to try to scare you into paying. I've received a call from Daniel viljoen from tnc legal dept. And read the other comments here and under the to understand why I'm saying this. Please name here. Hi, a lady called Gail called me 2 days ago telling me that i owe them R 1 for not paying them.

Read all the other comments! It's extortion. Don't admit anything when they call. Registrar of Companies?

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Let me give you a break down, and a bit of piece of mind. Check this out! Offer to meet them at a police station if they call again. Author of Nigiri Law and Goy Vey. Not that it would do them any good anymore since the alleged debt has prescribed.

Can u let me know if u paid or what happened? I've called the regarding a vacancy next thing I know getting sms calls and I've been told to pay or fraud and court and when I asked for the attorney name they couldn't give said it's private. Good day that belongs to them please stay calm and do not entertain these people please go to your nearest police station and report it under adult extortion, our crime intelligence team is working on it as well as listing all contact details.

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I spoke to an attorney and he told me to ignore them. They are liars, crooks and blackmailers who are trying to scare you. Don't stress!

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